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✨Reel Magic!

I remember when creating ONE reel used to feel like waiting for TWO hours to get on a roller coaster that only lasted two minutes.😨

All the anticipation, all the planning, filming and editing, then the rush of adrenalin when I finally posted...

...followed by a couple likes, a couple views, maybe a comment if I was lucky.

Sooooooooo much work, time, effort...

Sooooooooo little pay off.😓

But what if you could make 15 reels in the time it used to take you make just one⁉️

And what if your reels were actually designed to CONVERT your new viewer into a new follower and raving fan❓

🥳 Imagine your reels actually brining in new PAYING students and gigs!

😱 Imagine having fabulous reels ready to post in 5 minutes a day.

No, I'm NOT talking about an impossible dream, I'm literally describing ✨Reel Magic!

200 Plug n’ play reel scripts, prompts, templates and ideas at the touch of your phone.

❌ No more confusion about what to post.

❌ No more frying your brain trying to come up with a new idea.

❌ No more putting off content creation for when you “feel” more creative.

Say 👋 HELLO, to an endless stream of high performing reels that you can film and edit in just 5-10 minutes a day.

💔Creating Instagram Reels shouldn’t feel overwhelming, drain your energy or take you away from your students, practice and performing.

They should be fun, easy and turn new followers into an overflow of paying students, fans and clients instead.

Here’s what you’ll find inside Reel Magic:

  • 50 plug n’ play reel scripts, so you can quickly rock out with original content 

  • 50 reel prompts with examples, so you’ll ALWAYS have something great to post

  • 50 reusable faceless reel templates, because let’s face it, we all have bad hair days!

  • 50 additional reel hooks and ideas each positioned to support your creativity and build your online authority


Bonus 1.

  • The ⚡️Reels Rockstar masterclass to help you position and promote ALL your artistic projects.

Bonus 2.

  • 50 BONUS scripts, prompts and ideas specifically designed to promote your concerts, gigs, Patreon, new releases, membership and upcoming shows.

Bonus 3.

  • 25 Customizable Canva Covers to give you a pro quality grid and elevate your branding!

Bonus 4.

  • Reels Training to help you learn your way around all those reels features.

Bonus 5.

  • Curated list of Instagram Reel sounds to help you find just the right music for the mood and aesthetic of your original content.

Bonus 6.

  • Reels Resources, because the in app features are just the beginning of what’s possible with reels and short form video.

All 200 done for you reels plus bonuses with a 7 day money back guarantee.

Reel Magic - A complete plug n’ play system to save time and energy, while attracting new students, clients and fans on autopilot with Instagram Reels.

🥳 Imagine reels intentionally designed for performing artists just like you‼️

What People Are Saying:

Honestly I'm obsessed! The way you present it makes it feel so, so doable. I was able to film three reels all while managing my cooking, cleaning and caring for my kids.

Megan Muneer

Reel Magic has made Instagram SO MUCH EASIER. I never have to think about what to post anymore!

James Bavolacco

Just made a reel from this program - and it literally took me 5 minutes! So easy and productive and now I don't procrastinate when it comes to posting!

Egita Gielen