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Hi, I'm Fiona!

Listen, I KNOW what it's like to be a starving artist...

In fact, I'll admit it. I spent DECADES juggling singing, acting, teaching, day jobs, gigs, concerts, theater contracts, family and children.

During all those years, I never felt like I was doing enough...

...because I was never making enough.

I'd book a theater contract, but have to give up teaching jobs. I'd fill up my voice studio, but miss performing.

This was NOT what I'd imagined, when I decided to commit my life to music and art.

But finally, I smashed through the starving artist paradigm I'd constructed in my own mind, got online and never looked back.

Imagine building an online business founded on the center of your own passion...

Imagine a social media following excited to engage with you and your art.

Imagine DMs from new dream students routinely showing up in your notifications.


I'm here to show you that it IS possible to leverage social media to build a PROFITABLE business as a performing artist.

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