🔥Profile Pro🔥

FREE for Performing Artists!

How to create a social media profile that IMMEDIATELY excites new fans not just to click follow, but to DM you about how they can PAY you for more!


If you think you're not growing online because social media is simply oversaturated with artists, think again...


What if you're not growing online because you aren't giving people a compelling reason to follow you...

What if fixing this problem was much simpler than you realize...

What if the only thing you need is a little education to fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be... 

Good news!

🔥Profile Pro🔥 will teach you exactly what you need to know in order to create a profile that attracts not just new followers, but DMs from people asking how they can pay you for more! 

This FREE FOUR DAY EVENT is for the performing artist who:

  • Has a gift to share with the world, but doesn't know how to get it to more people.
  • Is ready to grow a real fan base, but making it happen is taking too much time.
  • Knows the importance of social media marketing, but is still struggling to be seen and heard.
  • Is absolutely thrilled to take their power back from industry gatekeepers and create a personal brand that truly represents and excites them. 

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Day 1. FOCUS - How to stand out online doing what you love and becoming the go to artist/authority in your industry, regardless of how many other performers are on social media trying to do the same thing!
  • Day 2. CONNECTION - How to attract a community of raving fans who aren’t just excited to consume each new piece of content, art and program you release, they want to PAY you too!
  • Day 3. CLARITY - How to create an online profile that grows your following everyday on autopilot, without frustration or confusion!
  • Day 4. MASTERY - Three mistakes you’re making with your profile that’s not just losing you followers, it’s costing you money AND how to fix them!

Profile Pro is all about creating a profile that immediately attracts your dream fans, students, customers and clients, so you can stand out online and share your incredible gifts with the world.

It's about YOU making it clear within SECONDS exactly WHAT you do and WHO you serve.

I am soooo frickin' excited for this FOUR DAY event! It all begins with our Kick Off Call on Monday, September 12th!